Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thoughts on tithing...

For Jonathan's 4th birthday earlier this month he received $4 from my grandmother. This has sparked an intense interest in money - more specifically what you can buy with money. So we've started to teach him about saving, working, wages and tithing. Jonathan is motivated to save his money, earn more and purchase Isabella (a character from Thomas the Train). This afternoon we explained to Jonathan that when we receive money, we tithe a portion of that back to God and that we can give this to God through the local church. Jonathan seemed excited about the prospect of giving back to God and we discussed this concept as best we could with our precious 4 year old son. A few minutes later Jonathan ran into the kitchen with his new Lightening McQueen sunglasses. He was clearly very excited and animated and he declared, "When I give God my money at church, then I'm going to show Him my Lightening McQueen sunglasses!!! And He's going to be so excited!!!"
So we have lots more teaching ahead of us and we're so excited too! Thanks be to our Lord for these precious moments in parenting!

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Becca said...

SO adorable! He is the most precious little boy!